Contributed to the following tools and dataset repositories (more than half developed myself, see links for details).

Product-Line Engineering Tools

  • Virtual Platform
  • HANS-text and HANS-vis
  • FAXE
  • ConfigFix
  • PEOPL: Projectional Editing of Product Lines
  • INCLINE: Intention-Based Clone Integration
  • Feature Dashboard: open-source feature-location visualization tool
  • Florida: Feature Location Dashboard (unpublished, closed-source tool for project partners)
  • VTS: Variation Tracking System

Variability Analysis Tools

  • FarCE: Feature Constraints Extraction (successor of the FeatureDependencyMiner project, see below)
  • VMM: Variability Model Metrics suite
  • CDLTools: analysis of CDL models used in the eCos operating system
  • KBuildMiner: static analysis of build system code
  • FeatureDependencyMiner: static analysis of C code to extract constraints among features from code, used in our ICSE’11 reverse engineering feature models paper
  • FreeBSDMiner: various tools to analyze variability in FreeBSD
  • TypeChef: Type Checking Ifdef Variability
  • LVAT: Linux Variability Analysis Tools
  • Smaller utilities
    • vm2bool translate feature models into a DIMACS format
    • sxfm2bool: convert feature models in the SXFM format to DIMACS (subsumed by vm2bool)


Robotics Software and Repositories

  • SERA: Self-Adaptive dEcentralized Robotic Architecture, and reference implementation
  • PROMISE: Robotic mission definition workbench relying on a DSL (inspired by behavior trees) with graphical and textual syntax
  • Specification Patterns: A catalog of patterns for specifying robotic mission (including template solutions in LTL/CTL) and tooling, see our technical report

Ecosystem Mining Tools

E-Assessment Tools

  • elateXam eAssessment tool used at the University of Leipzig (elateXam is the successor of ExamServer from the elatePortal project, now further developed and maintained by Steffen Dienst)
  • elatePortal: eAssessment software for electronic exams, including a lightweight exam server, a full-featured portal (based on Apache Jetspeed2), and a flexible eAssessment framework (“tasklet” container), founder and main developer ** as part of this effort, I also contributed to Apache Portals Jetspeed 2
  • Elques/Onyx: an IMS QTI-compatible editor, previous developer
  • UebMan: Übungsbetriebs-Manager, tool to handle online assignments, including corrector workflow support, founder

Undergrad Student Projects

  • Seagull Swarm Simulation: Boids swarm intelligence with some nice graphical effects in OpenGL, part of the OpenGL course at University of Leipzig
  • JHPetri: graphical editor and simulator of hierarchical petri nets