We’ve moved!

The Chair of Software Engineering has moved to the 4th floor of the MC building. We’re still located on the southern side, directly above our old offices. The main office can now be found in room 4.146.

Identification and Analysis of Security Features

Description The goal of the thesis is to identify and analyze the parts of the code of open-source software where security features are implemented. Since it is difficult to find all security feature implementations in a software system, we want to use a systematic approach starting from easily identifiable security-critical fields and methods. Based on … Read more

New Textbook on Domain-Specific Languages

Authors Andrzej WÄ…sowski and Thorsten Berger just published their new textbook “Domain-Specific Languages: Effective Modeling, Automation, and Reuse”. It covers methods, design patterns, guidelines, and QA practices for defining high-level languages to build better software and its 500 pages include 277 programming and modeling exercises, along with many practical examples from industry and open-source projects. … Read more

thesis in the context of mining software repositories

DescriptionBrief description of the topic study feature annotations in the codebase history of the Mozilla Firefox project study feature ownership in the codebase history of the Linux kernel: Who maintains feature code? What kinds of coordination patterns arise? identify and study merge refactorings in the codebase history of the Linux kernel or another large open-source … Read more

thesis in the context of a novel variation management system

DescriptionBrief description of the topic intelligent code merge tool which, for instance, can handle code-alignment issues identify side effects of source code using static analysis conceive and implement a feature dashboard, showing developers what features exist, where they reside in the code, and show various metrics about features (e.g., scattering degree, tangling degree, lines of … Read more

thesis together with ABB Research Germany

DescriptionBrief description of the topicproduct-line migration feasibility study (static analysis of legacy software artifacts, cost/benefit analysis, architecture evaluation) Contact:Extent: B.Sc./ M.Sc.

thesis together with Danfoss Denmark

DescriptionBrief description of the topic static analysis of firmware source code to extract configuration constraints and to reverse-engineer/extend a variability model Contact:Extent: B.Sc./ M.Sc.

thesis together with SUSE Germany and Linux kernel maintainers

DescriptionBrief description of the topicincorporate a SAT solver (picosat) into the Linux kernel configurator (make xconfig, make menuconfig) to support kernel configuration processes (detect dead features, control visibility of option subtrees, resolve configuration conflicts) more details on the kconfig-sat website Contact:Extent: B.Sc./ M.Sc.