Dr. Michael Vierhauser


Chair of Software Engineering
Ruhr University Bochum
Bochum, Germany

Office: MC 1.92
E-Mail: michael.vierhauser@rub.de

Additional Information

My research interests include Safety Assurance, Requirements‑based Monitoring, Diagnosis of Large‑Scale Software Systems and Cyber‑Physical Systems, and
Software Product Lines. I hold a Master’s and a PhD degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering from the Johannes Kepler University Linz. In 2016, I was awarded an Erwin Schroedinger Fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund and spent 2 years as a visiting researcher at the University of Notre Dame, USA with Prof. Jane Cleland‑Huang.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2022, Johannes Kepler University, Awards for Excellence in Education: Kepler Award for Teaching Innovation
  • 2022, Distinguished Reviewer Award, Systems and Software Product Line Conference
  • 2020, Best Paper Award, Systems and
    Software Product Line Conference: Requirements‑Driven Configuration of Emergency Response Missions with Small Aerial Vehicles
  • 2019, Distinguished Reviewer Award, Conference on Automated Software Engineering
  • 2020, Honorable Mention, Conference on Human Factors in
    Computing Systems: The Next Generation of Human‑Drone Partnerships:
    Co‑Designing an Emergency Response System
  • 2014, Best Paper Award, Conference on Software Architecture: A flexible framework for runtime monitoring of system‑of‑systems architectures

Most Recent Publications

M. Riegler, J. Sametinger, M. Vierhauser:
A Distributed MAPE-K Framework for Self-Protective IoT Devices, accepted for publication @ SEAMS 2023

M. Stadler, M. Vierhauser: 
ROMoSu: Flexible Runtime Monitoring Support for ROS-based Applications, accepted for publication at the 5th Int’l Workshop on Robotics Software Engineering.

M. Riegler, J. Sametinger, M. Vierhauser, M. Wimmer:
A Model-based Mode-Switching-Framework based on Security Vulnerability Scores, accepted for publication in the  Journal of Systems and Software 2023.
[Open Access]

M. Vierhauser, R. Wohlrab, M. Stadler, J. Cleland-Huang:
AMon: A Domain-Specific Language and Framework for Adaptive Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems, accepted for publication in the  Journal of Systems and Software 2023.
[Open Access]

I. Groher, M. Vierhauser, B. Sabitzer, L. Kuka, A. Hofer, D. Muster:
Exploring Diversity in Introductory Programming Classes: An Experience Report, ICSE-SEET 2022.

A full List of publications can be found here