Lecture: Software Engineering

You can write code, can you also build software?

The course provides an introduction into Software Engineering methods and tools. Covering the overall phases of software engineering, namely planning, requirements engineering, architectural design, implementation, quality assurance, and evolution and maintenance, we will walk you through modern software engineering technology that aims at building the next generation of software systems.

  • taught every Winter Semester
  • part of several study programmes (AI, INF, ITS, ETIT), mainly bachelor students
  • consists of main lecture and additional tutorial each week (4 SWS and 5 CP)
  • course language is English
  • tutorials offer optional assignments that provide essential exam preparation and also award bonus points
  • assignments promote team work and presentation skills
  • learn all the foundations of Software Engineering!

Course taught:

  • Winter Semester 23/24 (upcoming)
  • Winter Semester 22/23
  • Winter Semester 21/22